Welcome to the GFFL

Last Undefeated team standing … Congrats to Predators on staying undefeated through 4 games.  Week 4 is over and the scores are in the books.  Congrats to the Week 4 winners!

Predators 33 – Rebels 6

Scrangers 25 – Rampage 13

Playboys 33 – BMS 19

Wild Boars 34 – Jellybeans 18

LV Pride 53 – Havoc 0

Outlaws 40 – Brawlers 12

Hawkeyes 48 – L.O.D. 20

Need the following teams roster emailed to gfflrosters@gmail.com.


Gentlemen’s Flag Football League (GFFL) is a division of the GAA. The GFFL’s unique game rules allow the games to be played in an exciting and competitive yet balanced format.

The schedule consists of 8 regular season games and a post-season consisting of the top 8 games competing for the GFFL Championship!!! At the end of the season, GFFL Champions and Runners-up are awarded team trophies and individual trophies are presented to the best of the best at their positions.

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