Free Agents

Send an e-mail to:

Include your: Name, Phone Number, Position(s) and Level of Experience.

Captains who submit rosters with vacancies will be asked and encouraged to draft a player from the Free Agents Board. Once your information is submitted, someone from the GFFL will contact you.  If there is a free agent of interest, please email to seek out a contact number.

Free Agents:

  • Cameron Blews – Trying out for Rampage
    • 5’11”, 210 lbs
    • Positions: OL, DL, & WR
    • Experience: Flag and tackle football experience for 10+ years
  • Jackson Karrat
    • Positions: WR & Safety
    • Experience: 2 years of 5v5 flag plus some tournaments, midget football, college wrestling
  • Gary Moritz
    • 5’9″, 180 lbs
    • Positions: DB & WR
    • Experience: Midgets to college football and one season with Brawlers (Fall 2022)
  • Jeremy Puchales
    • Positions: WR
    • Experience: Played with Rampage and Venum
  • Justin Kulkusky
    • Position: WR & LB
    • Experience: 3 years of tackle into High School
  • Augustus Conklin
    • Position: QB, TE, LB & DL
    • Experience: Few years of playing with some coaching